Puppies on the new tourist path

thai ridgeback dog szczeniak i dziecko

Thai Ridgeback Dog puppies on the new tourist path in Nowy Sącz

Finally, the sun came out and we could go for a longer walk. No more jackets, what the puppies and us also liked the most. Our Thai Ridgeback Dog puppies went bravely with us, paw in the paw, about two kilometers. On the newly created cycle path, all of Sunday people rode on bicycles, roller skates, walked with prams and children. Such a day is a perfect time for us to socialize our little ridgebacks. To our satisfaction, earlier leaving the kennel (despite the cold and snow), but only for a moment – they were very memorable. They did not care about anything, they wanted to greet everyone, even cyclists, people with poles and a mass of children’s prams passed without emotion. We are very proud of this fact, because as for the primitive breed, the socialization of thai ridgeback puppies is extremely intensive. As most of the trd babies are already booked and will soon be going abroad, this is a priority for us now. Below are some photos from our Sunday trip with thai ridgeback dog puppies and our friends, whom we thank for being with us:)

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