KAREENA Volarius x HIRO Thai Ponlamaj “S” en

KAREENA Volarius x HIRO Thai Ponlamaj

 litter “S” (17/11/2016)

The first litter of Thai Ridgeback Dog puppies born in our kennel “Ancient Kynopolis”. There were ten puppies in the litter, we decided to keep one bitch for ourselves.

Black velor bitch Thai Ridgeback Dog – Sasouke (the smallest of the litter) was chosen with the heart. When she was still a tiny puppy, on the first day after a long childbirth, she was crushed by her mommy. After a few minutes of resuscitation (for the first time, the mouth-to-mouth resuscitated the puppy), it was possible to bring her back to life. How great was my joy when the day after day grew healthy and became stronger and stronger. Above all, she lived and I was most grateful for that. Here you can follow the fate of Sasouke, see her successes at exhibitions and test results.

Most of the Thai ridgeback puppies from the S litter have traveled all over Europe. Only two of them have stayed in Poland – Sasouke and Shark (his new name Gacek). Saken – the biggest from the litter – went to Germany. Sirilla lives alternately in Poland and in sunny Spain – wherever her wonderful family lives. We are very happy about it, because the warm climate is very good for Thai ridgebacks. Songo, on the other hand, left for Estonia to experience walks in clothes and heat by the fireplace. Satori flew to hot Italy, by plane straight from Warsaw.