What documents and requirements are needed for the departure of animals to particular countries?

We will briefly describe how to prepare your pet for a trip abroad. Transportation of animals within the European Union is not as obvious as it might seem.

So that our dog or cat can safely go on the road. From Poland to another country or the other way round. So that he can travel around the European Union without any problems. He must fulfill a number of required procedures.

Requirements for the road transport of animals (dogs, cats and others) to:

Germany, the Netherlands, France, Sweden, Norway, Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, Hungary, Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Denmark, Great Britain (until the end of 2020):

  • Microchip meeting the required standards. It is important that it is implanted at least 1 day prior to rabies vaccination
  • Passport issued by an authorized veterinarian. Containing the data of the pet and its owner
  • Rabies vaccination at 12 weeks / 3 months + 21 days quarantine
  • Prophylaxis against Echinococcus. Within a period not longer than 120 hours, but not less than 24 hours before the date of arrival. To countries such as: Great Britain, Norway, Finland, Ireland, Malta.

United Kingdom – from 2021, in order to enter the British Isles with a pet, we will have to prepare for a slightly longer post-vaccination grace period than 3 weeks. It will be necessary to determine the titre of antibodies along with the result and additional quarantine.

Under slightly different regulations, we can travel with a dog / cat under 15 weeks of age. Without rabies vaccination, for non-commercial purposes to: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland and the Czech Republic. Namely:

  • The animal must be accompanied by a written declaration of the owner / breeder that the pet has not had contact with wild animals and animals that had the possibility of becoming infected with rabies from birth.
  • The declaration must be written in the official language of the country to which it is going, as well as in English
wzór deklaracji w języku angielskim
Non-commercial movement of animals within the EU

See HERE , to the European Commission website.