XXV National Dog Show – Nowy Targ

And now …. SURPRISE!

At yesterday’s XXV National Dog Show in Nowy Targ, none of our Thai Ridgebacks took part…

However, our Boston Terrier girl has achieved great success !!! Angel Patchy Dogs (in the house we call her Mleczuś-Beczuś).

Mleczuś beat a really huge competition yesterday! She took 1st place on 13 (!) Dogs in her breed (including only two puppies). This huge achievement fills us with great pride and joy. Our Boston Terrier female, thanks to our everyday training, presented herself just perfectly.

Judge Sergej Vanža from Slovakia appreciated her beauty, assessed her as excellent and awarded with all possible titles : CWC, Best Adult Female and Best of Breed (BOB)!

Unfortunately, we could not take part in the finals this time, but such a victory gave us the will to do more and at the next shows we will definitely “fight on”;)


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