Sasouke & Ideal’s date

The beginning of the week was very busy for us, but at the same time fruitful. And this was due to the long-planned date of our beautiful Sasouke and the wonderful dog with the meaningful name Ideal. Ideal comes from the now defunct Czech kennel “Plum’s Jewel” and lives in a wonderful family in the south of Slovakia, at the Hungarian border.

When choosing a candidate for a partner for Sasu, we were guided by many aspects. He charmed us not only with appearance, but also with health, breeding line and great temperament. His pedigree includes dogs with Thai Champion titles. Ideal itself has many exhibitions, has such titles as: Puppy Champion of Slovakia, Junior Winner of Slovakia, Junior Champion of Slovakia. He is also a candidate for the adult Championship of Slovakia.

However, above all (which was our main goal) Ideal is a great family dog! He successively took part in obedience training, which we have seen with our own eyes. His psyche is stable and his character does not raise any objections. Ideal is a calm, communicative and very predictable dog, which is very important and valued by us in the Thai Ridgeback Dog breed.

We very much hope that puppies from this combination will inherit the best traits from both parents.

The trip itself, because of the weather and a few other inconveniences, lasted many hours and was a bit tiring, but today we know it was worth it.

And for you a photo report from a “date”:

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