Thai Ridgeback puppies in new homes

After a long break we are back with new photos and information.

There was a lot going on with us. A lot of work and fun. We also met many wonderful new people. People to whom we entrusted several of our Thai ridgeback puppies. We have trusted them and I think that we have not disappointed them now, nor will we disappoint in the future.

Thai Ridgeback Dog bitches from litter E. Emidi have already found their way into the best, loving hands. El Grace, Estee and El Neia stayed in Poland. Puppies from litters G and F also began to “fly” from our nest. Gillie, G Carbon and Genious Bushi living in Poland, Fi Nezia went to distant Romania.

In addition, soon new houses will set off:

Fanta Sia – will be living in England, Faramis – in Sweden, Favo Ritka will stay in Poland, and Glorious Thirak will go to the Netherlands.