Thai Ridgeback Dog puppies for sale

Thai Ridgeback Dog puppies for sale.

Two dogs, black colour, are looking for a loving home. Offered Thai Ridgeback puppies have velour and super-velour hair.

Thai ridgebacks in black are still not very popular, unlike blue ones. Black thai dogs, as tiny puppies are like “ugly ducklings”. Wrinkled, thick dumplings. Adults, on the other hand, black Thai ridgebacks, make a huge impression on everyone. By their dignified appearance, black Thai Ridgbeack dogs resemble the mythological god – Anubis. Often on walks, when meeting passers-by, we were asked “ what Egyptian beauties are this?”, “What is this breed? They are beautiful! ” etc. Everyone, including us, are impressed by their majestic look.

Returning to our puppies … Both dogs were born on 09.12.2019, they are now 13 weeks old. So they are ready to leave our home. Thai Ridgeback puppies referred to in this post are beloved, love petting and contact with people. This is the result of our constant socialization. The dogs are already going for walks, and (mostly) they settle outside. They are not afraid of strangers, they are curious and willing to have fun and to explore the world. They can live at home with children, as well as with a cat and other animals.

We are looking for responsible owners for our puppies. People who do not like to be bored, preferably loving outdoor sports. Thai Ridgeback Dog is a race that requires a lot of movement and regular training, especially at a young age – because they like to be stubborn and unruly. Therefore, participation in dog kindergarten and subsequent participation in training, or working with an individual trainer are our requirement.

The dogs are already after three vaccinations (including rabies), they have only one left – the last, for infectious diseases). In two weeks they will also be able to legally go abroad. They are also dewormed, chipped, have passed the review of the litter from ZKwP (FCI). Tested for DS (Dermoid Sinus) and free of this genetic disease.

Attractive price!

I will give more information to seriously interested people. Write to us in a private message , email ( or by phone (+48 536 526 638, also via the WhatsApp application).

Thai Ridgeback Dog females are also available in our kennel.

Photos of available Thai Ridgeback Dog puppies:

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  1. Hi there, I’m interested in a thai ridgeback for awhile now. I’ve been researching three breeds that I am interested in, one of which is the thai ridgeback, and have narrowed it down this breed. The other two were rottweilers and dobermans. I have experience in the past with large breeds. I grew up with a German Sheppard and a doberman. Please let me know if you have any puppies available. Thanks.

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