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Thai Ridgeback Dog – is it a breed suitable for me and my family?

Many people ask this question and very few know the answer. Well Thai Ridgebacks are not only companion dogs, but they are primarily HUNTING and PRIMITIVE dogs. You must keep this in mind when choosing this breed as a member of your family.

Before buying a Thai Ridgeback Dog, you should ask yourself the basic questions:

What are my experiences with dogs? Will I manage to bring a puppy to a stable, adult dog?

First and foremost, you should realize that Thai Ridgeback does not “raise up alone”. If it is to be our first dog, we should read earlier about training, hierarchy, dog-man relations and how the dog communicates with us. You need to learn the basics of “canine language” to create EXCELLENT HERD (after disconnecting from the mother, then the man and his family become a herd for the dog). The dog should be a friend for us and not a burden. Take a walk with Thai Ridgeback with joy, and during a walk you can not get angry with him and you have to forgive a lot. Thai Ridgeback Dog is a race ideal for people who do not like to be bored. You ride a bike, roll, run – Thai Ridgeback is definitely a breed for you. Dogs of this breed love movement, and the appropriate dose makes them at home are calm on a daily basis and can sleep many hours. It should be remembered that up to about a year, the dog should not be forced too much to overload the puppy joints. Only when the dog turns out a year, you can start to play sports safely with him.

Will I find time for his socialization, which lasts for a very long time (the role of a man in the socialization of the Thai Ridgeback Dog takes from the day of birth to the dog’s final maturity)?

We socialize the Thai Ridgeback Dog patiently and slowly because they are very sensitive to NEW stimuli. We, as growers, do our best to provide them with the best possible start. However, continuing the socialization of a puppy will be a function of new owners. You will need to be patient and not react too much to the “jumps” of our puppy. Thai Ridgeback is a mistrustful dog. It is the duty of man to break all its limits, show him that he is safe with us, and when he breaks down – he must always be awaited by the AWARD. At the beginning, the best reward while training a dog will be his dry food (we can then use even the whole portion of karma for training, not like in the case of generally available “treats” – only a few). The prize is always preceded by the command “good” (you can use another word, eg “super”, etc.), then the dog with time begins to enjoy hearing only the command itself. In this way, the “good” command becomes an award for the dog itself. Properly implemented training for obedience will help us in the future. It’s best to start your puppy training from the moment you show up at our home.

Will I have the strength (mental and physical) to tame such a smart dog?

It is difficult to fight with innate instincts of hunting dogs. Not every Thai Ridgeback will show these instincts on a daily basis, but they are dormant in each. So if we live near a forest, in the countryside, in an open area – let’s get ready to try to escape or explore the area by our dog. Here you can even say that Thai Ridgeback is more suited to living in the city – because his instincts will certainly be dormant, and it will make life easier for him. If, however, our Thai will have the desire to remain a hunter, you will have to accept the fact that for his safety he will not be let loose. Walks then make us and our dog a long rope (up to 30m), which will give him freedom and the possibility of running. It should be mentioned that Thai Ridgeback Dog is a primary dog, and hence – independent. The independence of a dog is a feature that undoubtedly allowed its ancestors to survive. Today, an independent dog is a dog a little harder to solve. Some people, especially those who like cats – really appreciate the independence of the Thai Ridgeback Dog. It makes Thai Ridgeback an unobtrusive dog, thinking independently, not bribing anyone. The autonomy of our dog creates a faithful companion who can assess each situation and react accordingly. Thai Ridgeback Dog will not like people we feel very uncomfortable with, he will always keep an eye on them. He will also closely watch our guests – those newly met and friends. With him you can feel safe.