My Main Stream MASHIMA X SHADOW Sniezne Zjawisko “D” en

My Main Stream MASHIMA X SHADOW Sniezne Zjawisko –  “D” (20.11.2017)

Six puppies were born in the litter, and their diversity is delightful. One female named Daenerys- standard hair – stayed with us in our kennel. From the very beginning we could not wait for her first exhibitions, because we counted on her successes. Of course, she did not disappoint us! Here you can follow Daenerys’ achievements and see the results of her health research in the future. Because, firstly, we focus on the health of our dogs. As soon as Daenerys reaches the appropriate age, we will test it for basic diseases (dyspasia, etc.).

Other boys and girls have also found their loving owners. Little Daenerys’ sisters- Doreah (Liah – in new home) and Dracarys also made their debut at the show rings, of course receiving excellent notes and arousing the admiration of the judges. Dorne – as he was born without ridge (which is a disadvantage of Thai Ridgeback Dog breed) – he does not appear at exhibitions, but he occupies the first place in the hearts of his wonderful owners. Drogo and Dothraki undoubtedly also (we respect the anonymity of their families). First of all, we would like to wish all “little ones” a long life in health and that for many years they would bring lots of joy to new homes.