Thai Ridgeback Dog puppies socialization

– How long it will last and how difficult it will be to socialize our Thai friend is largely an individual feature. We must be ready for anything. The development of Thai Ridgeback is divided into many stages, so we must first of all be patient. We must be understanding and commit ourselves completely so that our friend would enjoy us with his presence and not „sleep with his eyelids”. Remember to bring your puppy with you wherever possible. You need to provide him with new, positive stimuli.

The first, how important stage is the PRENATAL period – here the mother of puppies plays the main role. From the moment of conception until birth, the mother’s mood is transmitted to the children. The breeder’s role is to provide the future mother with a peaceful nine weeks (so much takes the pregnancy at the bitch), lots of warmth, fun and love. As the females are very effusive in feelings, you need to allow the pregnant girl to show them – of course with great reciprocity! Such treatment, as well as not exposing to stress and unpleasant situations, will result in high production of the happiness hormone (endorphins) not only in the mother but also in the puppies. The next, very important stage is the time from birth – until the age of about two weeks. Then we take every puppy every day (one by one not to skip the many litters) on the hand. We do it very gently, at the same time speaking to the toddler, stroking him, calming down, because the Thai Ridgeback Dog puppies are born with an innate fear of people – they are wild, like young wolf. We add new stimuli from day to day, take them on gloves, place them on different types of surfaces, and change the position of the puppy. Such „exercises” greatly support mental development, but they must last as short as possible so that the puppy can feel the safety of his mother as soon as possible.

After finishing two weeks (and sometimes from the 10th day) puppies begin to open their tiny eyes. Then it is the first time they can see the outline of their mother’s shape, siblings and us breeders. Only after a few days the puppies really start to see. At this time, babies really begin to get to know the world. We bring them out briefly on their hands from their pen to different places in the house, showing them that the world around is beautiful and safe.

From the third to sixth week (until the first vaccination), the puppies should not leave the farm, because it involves the risk of developing dangerous diseases for them. As the Thai Ridgeback Dog is, however, a primitive race, we can not allow their ISOLATION. We try to show them the surroundings in a different way. We take the little ones for short walks and trips only on hands, we visit places known to us where there are no unvaccinated / sick animals. We get acquainted with friendly, healthy and friendly (read mentally stable) animals. We also invite you to breed our friends who are happy to help us in our undertaking – what is the proper socialization of babies. During this time our puppies will also meet CHILDREN. We let children take puppies, play with their toys and feed them with their hands. Puppies learn that a child, although noisy and more reactive than adults, is also part of society that should be respected. Throughout the whole period from birth to leaving the kennel, our puppies have constant contact with everyday life. We do repairs, clean, watch TV, listen to loud music, play with children.

When the puppies finish 6 weeks, the time of vaccination and litter review is coming. After visiting the vet, ziping and inoculating puppies, we arrange a review. A committee from our branch of the Kennel Club in Poland (ZKwP) comes to us. The Commission checks thoroughly all puppies, in terms of development and congenital and genetic defects (malocclusion, visible eye defects, hernia, etc.). They also investigate whether puppies do not have DS (Dermoid Sinus – cyst / leatherback bay), and kynid tailpieces (so-called kink tail). All this, our veterinarian has been scrupulously investigating.

One week after the first vaccination (from the seventh week), we start taking puppies everywhere, where they can run and play. They meet dog-friendly places and people. And so until the release of small Thai to new homes – we have our hands full!

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